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June 5, 2015

Reading Strategy Exit Slips

I wanted to share that I uploaded a new product last night.  This past year I made the kids take one of their strategy examples from our reading notebooks and fill out an exit slip.  It worked great to help me assess the kids - who really got the strategy, and who needed a little more practice.

I have a normal large pocket chart that is hung up on a wall in my classroom.  I have my students' classroom numbers tucked in the chart, and there was still plenty of room to fit a quarter sheet of paper next to each number.  After we worked through many examples, I had them drop off an example to the chart.  This happened a couple of times a week, it was just a way to easily read their responses.


11 templates ready to print & go!  Hope this helps you!  
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I hope you have a wonderful day! 

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