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July 30, 2021

Back to School Shopping!

I went to Target last week and it was glorious.  I went wandering up and down the aisles ALONE. My kids were at home. :) The dollar spot hit me first with the laminated reading and writing graphic organizers.  Did I need them? Yes, yes I think I do... 

I was the only person in the school supply section. I had a mission - attain my Crayola markers and Expos.  I had a plan.  I attacked it. 

20 Crayola broadline markers for the kids and 2 thin sets for myself.  Out of the 20 sets, I put 10 out in August, and save the other 10 for January.  The thin markers, well I like using them for anchor charts. They don't bleed through my anchor chart paper.  

Then I picked up some Expo markers for myself and the ultra clean whiteboard that will be waiting for me at school. 

I also picked up a desk calendar for my info board.  I like to hang one up and then update with all the important dates to know.  I hang it up with 2 binder clips and pushpins.  There is a joy that comes with ripping off the old month and starting a fresh new one.  Plus, years ago I hated having to change out the monthly numbers on a pocket chart.

My Amazon order was also delivered.  Only 2 items.  :)  I was proud of myself.  Playdough and Birthday Pens.  

Play dough to give them for a beginning of the school year project, and it does help to relieve stress.

Birthday Pens because it's a cheap, functional gift that they seem to all appreciate every year.  I give them a little note that explains the different color meanings. I have this 8x on a powerpoint page, and then print it on neon paper. An easy little gift that seems to mean so much.  

Hope this helps,

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