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July 19, 2021

Summer Prepping... Random Classroom Projects

Today I wanted to share some randomness of old Instagram pictures of projects that I do at the end of summer to prep for the new year.  Super simple stuff, that I can handle when my brain is starting to ramp up to stress levels. These are old pictures because I still need to prep them for this upcoming year... when I have motivation to head to the store...

I like making a new set of these participation pencil sticks each year.  Do I really need them? No, not really.  But they make me smile every time I use them to pull a stick.  They are really easy to prep.
Items to gather: popsicle sticks, mustard yellow craft paint, rose pink craft paint, and a sharpie.
Paint the middle of the stick yellow, then go back and do one end pink - leaving room for the sharpie detail.  It takes maybe 15 minutes when I get going.  I add names and class numbers later on when that is ready.  

I also like to do this to my sets of new markers.  I only buy markers for groups to use, one set for fall, another set for spring.  I take all the markers out of the box, and then use duct tape at the caps to tightly hold them together.  See how the tape is attached? I LOVE doing it this way, because the tape makes the set stick together all year long... and it's very easy to know if the markers aren't tightly closed.  

Another project that I do while watching TV is making up my new Book Bead pipe cleaners.  I only need black pipe cleaners and black pony beads to prep.  I stick the pony bead about 1 inch on an end, then twist the cleaner so it's attached. I fold over tiny address labels around the stem with class numbers.  This helps us to figure out what pipe cleaner belongs to which kid.  Then they are ready for my mason jars at school.  

Okay, one last thing that I do when I'm daydreaming about the new year is create a basic template of my classroom.  The things that I can't move around - like the counter, doors, whiteboard, etc... After I have the things that I can't move, or that I know I don't want to move, I make copies of the plan so I can draw my different desk, table, and bookshelf arrangements without having to redraw everything.  

I haven't done much on Instagram in over a year, but at least the old pictures remind me of what I have done.  Here's my IG link if you want to go through my old feed.
Hope this helps, 

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  1. I just discovered your blog and had to tell you I so love those book beads! Simple but such an amazing idea. May have to see if my admin will let me sneak into my classroom and get the supplies I need to do this since it is packed up in my classroom right now.


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