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July 5, 2021

Pacing Binder - Easy Summer Project

When I start thinking about the next year I always head over to our staff portal to download and print the next batch of pacing guides. I know some of them get updated yearly with new dates. I know I don’t have to print them, but since I’m such a paper/pencil kind of person that I need this… 

I have a binder with sheet protectors for all the papers. I use sheet protectors since it makes it easier to flip and find the pages.  I got the binder from the Get Your Teach On conference last year.  :) This has everything in it for the year. It's basically my brain and keeps me on track. 

Here's what I have inside:

*Overall district yearly plan for ELA (includes our STEM units too) and Math. These have specific dates on them for my district.

*The report card plans with unit and score explanations. We are switching from academic and standards based to ONLY standards based for next year.  Its going to be an adjustment.  :) 

*Our spelling plan (we skip some lists), the weekly focus, and the actual words. 

*Our states/capitals lists and answer key. In past years we’ve alternated states/capitals one week and spelling list the next. Flip flopping to give kids time to memorize.

*I have the list of Mentor Texts in there from Jessica Ivey (Jivey).  I do use Mentor Sentences on a weekly basis.  Since I skip around and use texts based on the units that we are studying, it makes it easy to keep track of what I still need to cover.

*Math plan has each lesson in order for the year- we skip around in the math book as we go through the standards. This also has the essential questions that we’ve decided on as a grade level. 

*Social Studies has the units, lessons, and essential questions, and projects. I need to go back and update with the different tech links after this year. 

*Science unit planners have the lessons, essential questions, and materials lists. 

*I have my list of novels tucked in there too. There is a certain order that ties into the learning of our units and standards. For example we read a lot of historical fiction that ties into our SS. I keep more information for each novel, with activities and specifics, in a file folder in my cabinet.

*We have a social emotional curriculum, and I have a list of the different lessons in there as well. We skip around as well, since a lot of them are covered during our DARE lessons.  

I'm also considering typing up the normal STEM projects and Open House projects to add for this next year. I really like having as much information as possible together for an easy flip.  My brain keeps getting more and more forgetful when stressed, don't know if it's an age thing, or a mom thing, or whatever... so I'm learning that I need to have more things written down to refer to. 

Do you have a binder too? What’s inside?

Hope this helps.

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