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July 23, 2021

First Day Powerpoint

I mentioned that I have a powerpoint that I use for the first day of school, to keep me organized.  I wanted to share what I have on it today.  Maybe it can give you some ideas if you are interested.  

First screen is what is up when they are entering the room, since I'm greeting by the door.  Just some visual directions and a hint of our class signal.  We practice this a lot the first week of school.  

A quick glance at the day's schedule.  

Getting some paperwork out of the way.  In the past the backpacks either go under their own desk or under the back table, keeps things out of the aisles and falling off their chairs.  I think that this year everything will have to stay close to their own spot.

Since my own kids have gone there, the kids usually know me. So I start off with a little quiz, and then go over the answers afterward.  This lends itself well to play a 2 truths and a lie with the kids later.  

I have a slide of family pictures and also a slide of pictures with the other 5th grade teachers.  

Next up I give a mini classroom tour.  If everything is really back to normal, then the kids will have access to get paper and supplies out of drawers.  We'll see.  Then we head outside to walk around the campus, practicing walking in a line, and see the sights - especially for the new to the school kids.  

We usually have some morning activities to attend, and when there is a moment we have our first read aloud.

Then it's time to go over a bunch of Random Memes.  I googled what I needed and added them to a powerpoint so they were all added to the same first day share.  

things about doing their best...

things about the importance of listening...

the importance of staying home if you are not well...

the importance of using your time wisely...

the importance of following directions the first time...

the importance of paying attention...

and the importance of knowing that I don't do attitude or excuses... just tell the truth.

After we go through the memes, then we have a chat about our class rules.  To me, it all boils down to respect.  Respect yourself, others, and our school.  We brainstorm - sounds like/looks like for all 3 in groups, and then share aloud.  

We read Juice Box Bully, sign the pledge, and brainstorm what we want our classroom to be like.

We go over Class Dojo and then brainstorm examples for our Class Motto: Work Hard and Be Kind.

Before lunch, we go over what are Houses, and then if we are able to meet we usually meet in the afternoon of the first day. Houses are when we mix up the kids, about 1/4 from each class, and then during that time we usually do our Social Emotional curriculum. 

I really hope we are able to do this... but may have to push it out to later on in the year. We'll see...

Afternoon, we take our Important Book list from the morning and create an art project with our hand.

And that's how we usually end our time together.  Quick reminders at the end about supply donations, paperwork, and class codes.  Hope this helps!

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