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July 16, 2021

I Love Lamination...

It's that time of year, the chance to cover all the paper with plastic... again... At least they will remain durable over the next year.  :)  

I wanted to share what I've been busy laminating.  I still need to cut them out, but I do have some shows recorded to watch over the coming weeks.  i.e. It's a boring job...

For this coming year, I have those whiteboard signs, I showed them to you last week.

I also have prepped some Game cards by Katelyn's Learning Studio  for quick access.

And a set of Bloom's Questions by Kim Miller. These are for me to use as a reference. Sometimes I need a little help making sure my questioning goes deep.  

I grabbed some Math Sentence Stems from Keep Your Chin Up to add to my bulletin board.

I'm still waiting on my class list, then I will update name tags, and laminate those as well.  

There are other things in my classroom that were laminated long ago that are still in perfect shape, hanging on my walls and ready for a quick dust when it's time to head back into the classroom. Wanted to share, in case you were looking for ideas of things to prep...

I have pictures of all the covers of my read aloud novels laminated to hang up as we read them throughout the year. I shared how to do it back on this post.  

I use these Voice Levels by Fourth Grade Flair on my board at the beginning of the year.

I have these Class Dojo growth mindset signs by Whale-come to Elementary right inside my door. My students seem to always like Class Dojo animals...

I have used these Job cards by Lindsay Flood for years - I have them taped on the side of my file cabinet, and we change out the jobs weekly. 

I have all these Math Anchor Charts by Teaching and so Fourth prepped, as a quick reminder.  As a class we also come up with our own anchor chart to review our strategies for the units. I have the kids copy these into their Math comp. books. I hole punched on a corner, have a binder ring on them, and then hang them up on a magnetic curtain rod near our math board. 

I also have a pre-made set of ELA strategy anchor charts by The Stellar Teacher prepped.  These stay up on my board as a reminder, and they do copy them into their notebook as we go through them, but we do make our own anchor charts as well.  

I have all my the Root cards by forkin4th prepped. Then it's easy to throw up the certain ones that we learned that week in our spelling.  

I have this entire math task card bundle from Jennifer Findley prepped and in task card holders. It's a lot easier to prep this kind of thing (my opinion) during the summer.

So, yes, this year isn't at all as much as past years' prep.  There's something to be said for finding things that work well that you can prep once and use a long time. A personal laminator is by far one of the best investments I've ever made for my classroom.  

I personally like the Purple Cow one the best.  :)  It has lasted the distance.  

What have you been laminating lately?

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