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November 15, 2012

Beyond Question (Clickers)

Do you use this system too?
At our school, each classroom has a set of these "clickers".  A couple of years ago we were able to get a grant to help fund them, then we covered the rest of the cost asking for parent donations.

So, what is it?

It's a way to easily see student responses.
This is the student remote, my teacher remote is similar.
It has a disk that I put into my computer, a receiver that accepts student responses that is plugged into my computer, a remote for each student, and a teacher remote.  By the kids clicking in their answers of any assessment, I can automatically see what areas we need to focus on whole class.  I can either have it broadcasted through my in focus machine so the students can also see the graphs, or I have it on my laptop when I'm using my ladibug and projector (showing the test).

Here you can see that I have strapped the receiver on top of the ladibug.

There are 3 main ways I use it in the classroom:

*When we take a multiple choice assessment the kids usually take the test and record their answers on binder paper/scantron.  After I've already scanned/graded their assessments (like Curriculum Associates or Reading Lions), I hand them back and we review it together (they click their remote on the answer they chose) and then we see as a class what areas we need to work on.  It's an easy way to review a test without having to rework all the problems.

This is what we see when we are inputing responses.
I didn't do a full on powerpoint thing, just accepted answers.
*I also use it as a way to do informal quizzes.  I can program the disk to set up a short little quiz (you can input like a powerpoint).  As the question is shown on the projector/system, the kids click in their answer, and then it shows a class graph.  We can see what specific questions we need to work on.  It also allows me to save the specific file so I can see how each child answered and if I click my teacher remote with the correct answer it will grade their assessment for me.  

This is the bar graph that depicts the kids answers after we did the short review.
*Another way I use it is in the early spring to help with review for the state assessments.  We go over the released test questions - the kids solve, click in, and then we solve together.  It really is a fun way to review.
The options are really endless with this product. 

Can you tell that I love it?

I hope that somehow in my excitement that I made sense trying to explain it.  The grants are still available and it really is worth it.  Between the grant, and using some EIA money, our classrooms just had to come up with a little money.

Just something to think about.  


  1. Wow! What an amazing and valuable assessment tool! I work at a school where I have to buy my own pencils, so clickers seem like just a dream, but wow!

    1. I was a little in shock when we got them as well. My principal at the time was really into technology though, so we splurged using EIA money.

  2. Hi Emily, Thank you so much for this post. I also have the beyond question clickers and I have a problem where somehow my clickers got deprogrammed so that the clickers numbers don't match up with the numbers on the screen. Do you by any chance know how to fix this? I tried contacting Beyond Question but they said I just needed to buy new clickers and I don't want to do that. Thanks so much.

  3. I'm having trouble with some of my clickers that seem to have just stopped working (it isn't a battery issue). Does anyone know how to get in touch with the company or how to troubleshoot them? I tried calling and e-mailing, but no one got back to me.


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