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March 4, 2013

Decorating for Easter/Spring

I love Easter.  I love spring, the pastel colors, the weather, and soon to be spring break....I love the real reason behind Easter.  I don't love the allergies that come along with it, but soon enough they will be conquered with my allergy meds.

 I picked up this yarn tree from Target.  It's in the Easter section.  I've been looking for a tree or branches or twigs since fall... but I couldn't find something that I loved... until now!


I have wanted to make one of those book trees for so long, but without the materials it stunk.  Because I want to change it out for the different seasons (see - the colors aren't totally pastel), for this month they are going to write their books on the outside of these plastic Easter eggs.  A little tape on a short piece of ribbon and voila!  I also picked up some $1 plastic buckets to store the eggs in.  One basket of eggs for books, another one to write student names on.

This is something super simple, but by now my kiddos are just about sick of seeing me reach for my cup of student numbers.  So, for this month I write their names on an egg and use a basket instead to draw names from.  At the end of the month, during our Easter party, we use the name eggs to have an Easter egg hunt in the classroom.  I hide them with a homework pass tucked inside, they find their own egg (it's a little more challenging then finding any random egg), and it's a little treat for them to add to their Easter baskets.    

Super cute - right?

I also prepped my Easter Egg banner to start using for this coming month.  I love using incentive banners in the classroom.  I started with them back in December, and since then it's been fun.  My kiddos have worked through Tara's Be Merry banner (December), my Snowman and Dream banners (January), and Love Bug (February).  Now it's Easter Egg time.  Little things in life, right?  Something so simple and my kids love to spell it out.  Spelling it out earns them a treat - just another little motivation tool.  I used to just put letters on the board to spell out a specific prize, but I like how flexible and cute the banners make my board look - as well as it's a reminder for the kiddos of what we are trying to spell.  

I've also been adding more things to my little stores.  
My newest little thing is a freebie writing pack for Easter.  
Same cute clipart as my Figurative Language Task Cards.  
I love this little chick and egg from MelonHeadz Illustrating.

Now - help me out a bit... I found these adorable containers at the Dollar Tree - bunnies, chicks, and carrots... but I have no clue what to put inside.  I want to do something regarding review for ELA and Math since that's what we will be doing this next month... but I just don't know what to fill them with.  Ideas anyone?  

Hope you had a great day! 


  1. Oh, I WANT those containers!! We don't have anything like that here :( I love the egg tree idea too - it's adorable.

  2. I love the cute tree! Great idea for making book recommendations. I want to go to Target and Dollar Tree tomorrow!! (Before our alleged snowstorm begins)

    1. I'm thinking of something...maybe they could be incentives for students. Each one has a student's name on it...they keep it on their desk, or you keep it somewhere they could see it...maybe in a little fenced in (so it looks like a farm) area and they earn jellybeans to fill them when they do something good!


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