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March 16, 2013

Main Idea Caterpillar FREEBIE!

Before I dive into sharing what my class did the other day, I wanted to remind you about my 20% off TPT sale that is going on this weekend.  Happy Shopping!

Our lesson the other day was on main idea and supporting details. We are getting ready for the district writing test and needed to review finding author's lesson...

First we went through all the stories so far in our anthology and the kids brainstormed the theme/lesson the author was trying to teach us.

From there the kids chose a story, took a caterpillar body and wrote out the main idea. They looked in the texts and found supporting details to back up their conclusions.

We turned them into 2 caterpillars hanging over the windows.  The girls wanted pink, the boys wanted blue... I needed 2 of them since space was an issue to hang 32 of them...

This is free in my store. I hope it helps someone!


  1. This is such a great way to have students remember what main idea and details are, long after we have taught the content. Thank you for this great addition to my spring fling bulletin board!

  2. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing!


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