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March 12, 2013

Tuesday Trade Day: We're Going on a Sentence Hunt

Jessica from Joy in the Journey offered me a trade of her awesome We're Going on a Sentence Hunt activity for my Figurative Language Task Cards.
"We're Going on a Sentence Hunt!" Types of Sentences Activity

 I had time last Thursday morning and needed to review types of sentences anyway - so it was a perfect 1/2 hour activity.  I chose the sort activity for groups to work on together (saving the other items in the pack for later on).  

First they had to cut the titles and sentences apart.  I know I could have done that for them (and sometimes I do) but this was also a team building activity - and we needed some team building on Thursday.  

They sorted the sentences into the 4 categories - Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, and Exclamatory and then had to show me it correct to get permission to glue it down.  It was tricky for them to figure out the Imperative and Exclamatory - at least it was tricky for the groups that were trying to rush through it.  It was a good reminder for them that Imperative means a command.      

I gave each group a large piece of construction paper and 
folded it in half for them to be able to glue.  

These are now hanging on my writing wall as booklet reminders of the different types.  

Thanks for trading with me Jessica!  Head to her blog to see her review of my task cards.  

Anyone else want to try something from my store?  I might be interested in a trade with you... :)  Just email me!


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  1. Hi Emily! Thanks for the shout out and for reviewing my product :)

    Glad the kiddos enjoyed it and got a good review out of the activity.

    I did a review today about your Figurative Language Task Cards - check it out :)

    Joy in the Journey


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