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March 19, 2013

Say a Little Prayer Please...

I'm a Christian and I believe in miracles.  My mom needs one please... so if you are so inclined, could you say a little prayer for her?

9 years ago my mom had her first heart attack, and it was a humdinger of a one... ended up with a quadruple bypass as a parting gift from the cardiologist.  Since then she has had 2 pace makers, numerous stints, and other health issues that sometimes relates to her heart, other times relates to her sodium (or lack of sodium) levels.  

I'm not at the point of completely understanding how one's life can revolve around doctor's appointments, or medications, or sodium levels... other than what I hear from her during our daily talks. Yes, daily... I love my mom and she's basically the only one in my family that allows me to vent about school (since she taught for 37 years herself).  

Well, last week she wasn't feeling good.  My parents had gone on vacation - since that's what retired people do - and she developed a pinched nerve due to having to sit in an uncomfortable wheelchair for hours and hours visiting Hearst Castle... so she wasn't able to get around and move... and the muscle relaxers afterward made her tired, so she didn't eat... and somehow her already low sodium dropped to an even lower/dangerous level.

There is a reason I didn't go into medicine like my sister - I don't like hospitals or blood or dealing with medication or seeing people in pain.  Yet, I have now learned that my mom's 122 sodium level is very close to the 120 coma & stroke level... so yes, it's been a little scary. 

I have also learned that dangerously low sodium causes people to become very confused and forgetful. Like not knowing the day, year, birthdate, president... it was 1944 there for a while.  

Yesterday morning my parents had an eventful day starting with a fall (due to a dizzy spell), a call to 911, a ride in an ambulance, and then a bunch of tests.  Over 36 hours later and her levels remain the same.  They need to go up or tomorrow there will be more tests regarding her kidney functions. 

So, if you have a moment - you could you please say a prayer for her?  

Thank you so much!


  1. I'll be praying for you all today.

  2. Sending you strength and praying for your mom.

  3. Absolutely - I know what it's like to have parents with serious medical concerns. You are on my prayer list from now on. God bless!


  4. Praying for the God of healing to heal your mom and give wisdom to her doctors. I also pray for you and your worries. You are on my prayer list.

  5. Praying for her! I hope they are able to figure everything out swiftly!

  6. prayer sent!stay strong :)


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