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March 3, 2013

Sunday Store and Shout Out

The past 2 weeks my class has been working hard on identifying Figurative Language.  To wrap up the unit, I created these task cards for informal assessment purposes... but like usual I will then stick them into my ELA centers to use for review.  

I love spring everything - spring colors, spring clip art, and knowing spring break is only a few weeks away.  :) 

Included are 32 task cards reviewing idioms, similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration, and hyperboles.  We're going to play scoot on Monday, we will then go over it whole class using the handy-dandy answer key, and they will turn them in for me to see how they did.

Shout Out TIME!
"Solving Shamrocks" St. Patrick's Day MULTIPLICATION Game
Last week Jessica from Joy in the Journey shared this Solving Shamrocks game with me. I was so excited about it! I printed it out right away, laminated, and then had to wait until it was technically March to play it.  Then Friday came and I pulled it out for the kiddos to use during our Dr. Seuss celebration!

Just wanted to share how fun it was with you.  The shamrocks have the multiplication problems on them, and the kids have to get through the board game the quickest.  The directions are included.

Jessica is also celebrating her 100 followers with a giveaway - I'm one of the people helping her out.  Make sure you go and enter to win!

Have a great day :)  

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