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March 13, 2013

Shamrock Art and Writing

I wanted my students to do a different type of brainstorm today before they dove into their quick write.  

The topic - "I'm Lucky Because..."

Not that I believe in luck, but I do believe that we are blessed....

So we made shamrocks for a quickie art project.  

Took a piece of green construction paper, folded in half vertically, folded in half again horizontally (fourths), then folded one more time to make eighths.  I told them where to hold when they cut, and some drew a half a heart as a little reminder as to where to cut.

They cut out 4 equal hearts (if they were paying attention), some ended up with 8 tiny little hearts - it still worked.

Then we glued it together to make a shamrock, using leftover scraps to make a stem.

This was their brainstorm tool.

One leaf was "I am lucky...", the other 3 were reasons WHY they were lucky.

After they wrote out their reasons we stuck them up on my rolling cabinet door for our little 4 leaf clover garden, and they wrote a quick paragraph with their reasons to stick up on our writing wall.

I LOVE how simple it was, and how it got the kids thinking as to why they are special.  

Hope you had a great day!


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  1. What a cute project! I love the simplicity - and the usefulness! :)

    We've been talking a lot about St. Patrick's Day in our classroom this week - and we've emphasized how we're not lucky...we're blessed. It's been a good reminder for the kids.

    Joy in the Journey


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