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February 9, 2014

Hanging out with George and Abe {Freebie}

I want to say thank you.  Thank you for following this little blog as it has grown to become a bigger blog.  Thank you for your support and encouragement.  To say thanks for everything, I made up this mini pack that hopefully can help you in your classroom over the next couple of weeks. 

My kiddos have to do a lot with George and Abe this month.  Last week we graphed Abe's portrait during math (coordinate points), this week we are tackling George's portrait.  We are also learning facts about both men, and then using those facts to write informational paragraphs.  This mini book is a "neater" version of what I've done in past years.  I love clip art!   

What's included?  

There's a student cover.

A Venn Diagram

There are also Research Pages and Lined Writing Pages.  The research and writing pages are the same as my American President Research Pack (over on TPT).  The other pack has 10 other presidents included for additional research.   

Here is the mini book over in Google Docs.  I hope it can help you!  
If you decide to download, please leave me a comment below.  I'd love to see how many people downloaded it.   

Thanks so much everyone for following my blog!  


  1. Thank you! This will be great for this upcoming week!

  2. Thank you! I will be using this soon! :)

  3. Looks great! I hope to fit it in this week before vacation!

  4. This looks great! Thank you for sharing!!! :)

  5. Can't wait to use this. Thank you!

  6. I needed a simple project for Presidents, this is great.


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