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February 2, 2014

Groundhog's Day, Stone Fox, Chinese New Year, Survival, and Olympics - OH MY!

This coming week is going to be fun - it's the last week of the trimester!!  We finished up our reading unit last week, and we're not officially starting the next one until next week - So, that leaves time to celebrate all the current happenings and holidays.  Linking up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings!

Since Friday was spent listening to 31 mission presentations and celebrating the Super Bowl, we didn't have time to do anything at all for Groundhog's Day.  Now, I know my big kids may not really care about celebrating it like I used to do back in the primary grades, but the primary teacher in me LOVES to celebrate special events.... Anyhow, I had planned to have my kiddos focus on writing their own prediction of the upcoming season/weather - when I saw Where the Wild Things Learn's craftivity pack.
Groundhog Day Craftivity and Writing
It's so cute!!

Tuesday the big thing will be watching Stone Fox (the movie).

I know!!  There's a MOVIE!!!  All these years of reading Stone Fox, and I've never noticed that we had it in our school library.  Since we just finished up the book a couple of weeks ago, and the report card window opens today (i.e. I need time to enter all the data onto the report card), the kids will be doing a compare/contrast book vs. movie writing after the movie.  For this activity I am having my students create a snowball venn diagram made with paper plates.
Found this on Pinterest since I never took my own picture last year, but the link isn't working...

All day on Wednesday I'm celebrating Chinese New Year.  I have this unit from Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans that is all prepped.  I like it because it's geared specifically for the upper grades and has many options that I could choose from.   

Celebrate Chinese New Year in the Upper Grades

We will also be creating lanterns and felt fortune cookies that day.  Here are some pictures:
Picture from Martha Stewart

At Winco I picked up fortune cookies for only 6 cents each.  The kids are sure to get a kick out of it.  

Thursday is when I'm starting to introduce our new unit - Survival.  To introduce, we play a class game similar to that game, Oregon Trail.  Remember that one?  The kids will be "packing" their wagon (with a list), and along the way I will be calling out worst case scenarios.  What will happen to them?  The kids will be then writing a narrative about their experience.  
I also have these board game cards (just the cards) at school - it's a fun transition activity.   

Friday will be a minimum day for us, the official end of the trimester.  Kids leave at 12:40, and teachers collapse in order to finish up report cards.  Since the Olympic opening ceremony will happen that night, my class will start their What a Small World research books (full class). 

What a Small World {Student Created Research Book and Jour

There is also a Brainpop video that we will watch, and we will be completing some fun math review, courtesy of Jennifer Findley's new product.  

Winter Olympics Math Centers and Printables {4th Grade}

Fun times ahead!  Have a great week!     


  1. We have watched the Stone Fox video before. The kids will be totally amazed to see a movie that "old fashioned" (as one of my students called it.).

    I love all of the activities you have planned this week. Such fun!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. We read and watch Stone Fox every year too! The movie is just as sad. It's great to compare and contrast because there are so many differences! Have a great week, looks like you are well planned for a fun time! :)
    Pinkadots Elementary


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