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February 20, 2014

Learning New Math... UGH! Links That Help

California is just starting to transition over to Common Core.  My district is in the process of adopting new curriculum, and our trainings are all Common Core related.  It's a little overwhelming picking through the new standards and trying to see exactly what is changing...

I have to say that I am excited about the new curriculum.  I'm excited about the fact that I won't have to create every lesson myself.  My district is leaning toward My Math.  We'll see what the board decides, but it does look pretty cool.  

The other week I went to a special 4th grade training that involved us going through the possible new curriculum.  The kids will be able to write on everything - which I'm excited about.  No more heavy textbooks, it will be all workbooks.  There are a bunch of extras that are included too - foldables and vocabulary cards.  It seemed doable and something NOT overwhelming.  

In one of the past trainings there was a document that was brought up that I'm extra excited about.  The link that has come in handy is this PDF from the Sacramento County Office of Education.  They also have an ELA one available too.  It breaks it down by standard with both sets of standards and how it has changed, if it has changed.  Wow!  What a lifesaver.  :)

I know this may not help other states, but it's helping me wrap my head around the changes.  Maybe it can help someone else too!   

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! It totally helps me. I too am a California teacher who feels a little behind the rest of the country in teaching the common core standards. But...I'm excited for the change. I think it will be powerful for the students and for me as their teacher. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing I had not seen this document yet. It is pretty hefty so it will take me a while to wade through it all.


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