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February 6, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year in the classroom.  We worked with paper Tanagrams to create pictures, we had a discussion that my kiddos were goats and monkeys (makes total sense), we played a Boggle game, and completed a word search.  We watched the Brainpop video about "New Years".  Then we had art... oh, we had art!

Felt Fortune Cookies:
My parent helper had traced a class set of circles onto light brown felt.  She cut them into little squares, and the kids cut them out  
Then they came over to me where I had precut pipe cleaners to fit the diameter of the circles.
I hot glued them on, and then we waited for them to cool.  When we were waiting (which wasn't long), I passed out the class set of fortune cookies, and they noticed the shape.  Then together we took the felt circles, folded them like a taco, and twisted into the fortune cookie shape.  

At the end of the day we completed another art project - Paper Lanterns.  After showing them how to make it, I had them repeat back the directions to me while I wrote them on the board.  Don't you love my visual directions... :)    

They came out super cute - of course I sent them all home before I remembered that I needed a picture.  

I hope you had a good day - I'm exhausted!  

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