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February 8, 2014

New Blog and Rainy Day Student Motivation

Collaboration Connection
Something special happened this past week - a new blog was born.  :)  A team of 27 teachers have gotten together (myself included) to form a collaborative blog.  It's a mixture of different grade levels, years of experience, but all of us have a passion toward education, and making the world a better place for the next generation.  I hope you come on over to visit - today over there I was able to share a little about me.  :)

Student Motivation {Rainy Day Edition}

It really hasn't rained that much at school - drought and all... but yesterday it poured!  When they can't play outside, I like to give my kiddos a longer brain break in the classroom with a rainy day recess.  It's a "treat" since I always start the rainy day saying that during recess we might need to read or finish up activities... it's not a given.  Sometimes I give them options for independent/partner activities - like drawing, board games, and pulling out the word search books.  Other times, especially when we need to work on teamwork,  I announce that we will be playing a class game.  I like to give choices though, so we always have a class vote.  Below are some of the activities that I use in my classroom.

A couple of years ago when I switched back to 4th grade, I sent home a note to my classroom families, asking for gently used board games to add to our rainy day tub.  They sent in so many options - some even brand new!  I store all my rainy day board games in a big plastic tub (with a lid) that I keep tucked under a table.  I chose a heavy duty plastic tub that ISN'T see through, because I wanted to add to the mystery of the rainy day options.

There are times that I put on a Magic School Bus video - specifically about the weather - during rainy day recess.  I try to save it for a moment that my brain feels like it's going to explode. (I'm sure you understand those rainy day moments.)

What do you do for rainy day recess?  


  1. It's been pouring here too! And, we had a field trip to St. Augustine yesterday-yucky weather! (The kids still had fun!) Choice is so important-I let my students make a lot of decisions in our class, I think we get more buy in! I noticed you had drawing-have you ever used those Ed Emberly books? They're step by step and kids love them! Thanks for linking up Emily! :)
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. We have not had a rainy day in a long time but we have been inside for weeks due to extremely cold weather!! I like that you make a plan for indoor recess. Congrats on the collaborative blog, I need to check it out!


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