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February 28, 2014

Yep, My Store is on Sale!

To be honest, the fun of having a blog is diminished by making this into a business post.  I love sharing how things are going in my own classroom, and I have SO MUCH I want to show you from this past week (I remembered to take pictures).  I just wanted to also remind you of some of the products in my own store that might help you in your own classroom.

Whole Class Writing Journals {Starter Pack - 15 covers}Whole Class Writing Journal Bundle

My Whole Class Writing Journals are still the highest wish listed and sold item in my store.  I also have a bundle that puts both sets together - making enough for an entire class to work on them at the same time.

California History Bundle (8 Products)

My CA History Bundle is also on sale, another main wish listed & bestselling item.  These products I use all year long to help enrich my Social Studies units.  

Rainbow Edit Writing Process
I shared about Rainbow Edit a couple of days ago - It really does work!  I love having my kids look closely at their writing, and it makes it so easy to grade a paper & conference with a student.

Homonym Word Cards and Activity Pack (Gnome)

These HomoGnome (Homonym) Word Cards have helped my kids to learn different versions of the words and their definitions.  I always have some in my ELA centers for them to work with.  

I Love My Classroom

Okay - there you have it!  I know I have other task cards, bundles, activities, etc. that I could mention.  My sales pitch is done for the day though, and we can go back to our busy Friday schedules.  :)  

My store is on sale during the big TPT sale, but it's also extended through Sunday (for those of us that don't have time to shop on a Thursday and Friday).   The bundles are also additionally discounted too.
Yesterday I tried to check out during my lunch break (for the first round), and ended up getting to the Paypal screen before I remembered about the additional code (TPT3).  Remember the code!!

Have a marvelous day everyone!      

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