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February 1, 2013

Chinese New Year and a Super Sale

Yes, both my stores will be participating in the sale over at TPT and TN this Saturday and Sunday along with many many other people.  Thanks to Primary Polka Dots for the super cute graphic!
TPT will be 20% off plus an additional amount on Sunday when you use the code "Super".  I put TN on sale for 25% as well. 

This week I celebrated our 100th day of school and Superbowl.  
It was fun... and draining!  If I could only mention all the things that my students decided to do today to move on the behavior chart... but I can't and I won't.

I love this time of year, but there are tons of things to add to the curriculum.

Sunday, February 10th is Chinese New Year and I always like to do something special.  Next week we will be celebrating in the classroom because the next week is busy with Valentines...  I made these last year for Chinese New Year... not my picture... this was pre-blog. 
valentines/chinese new year
I ended up doing it slightly different - traced a 4 inch circle onto felt (just used a canning jar lid), the kids cut it out, and then I hot glued a 4 inch piece of pipe cleaner on the inside diameter.  The kids wrote themselves a fortune on a slip of paper, and then I showed them how to fold it - to take their fingers to pinch it closed and fold it into the shape.   

Here are also some free things I found on TPT that I'm excited about.
Most everything will be perfect for my intermediate classroom.
Chinese New Year Read and Retell Activity
This has 3 different reading levels plus comprehension questions.

Free Chinese New Year Lantern
This will be a fun craft.
Chinese New Year Activities Pack
This has everything!  Story, coloring, word search, boggle, tangrams, lantern, learning the language, and writing.

Chinese Lantern Patterns {free}

This lantern page is adorable...

Click on any of the above pictures to head to the correct links.
Hope this can help someone!  

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