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February 13, 2013

Heart (Valentine) Treat Bags and Conversation Heart Fractions

My school neighbor is super clever and she shared her awesomeness with me this afternoon. Look how cute these turned out. 
I'm totally doing this next year!!

Pretty simple to make, just fold the grocery bag and round the top corner. Then trace and cut a half circle. When they open up the bag the kids ohh and ahh because they are impressed with the heart handle. Then they decorate it with their name. I of course chose my favorite name from her batch of kids to share with you. :) Yes, I'm slightly biased.

Here's another idea that might help you tomorrow.  I'm sorry that I forgot to share this earlier on this month.  

Basically I give my students a small package of conversation hearts (since we've been learning about fractions for the past 2 weeks), and they have to estimate, identify, simplify, add, and subtract fractions. It's a lot to do, but they can totally handle it!  It's a freebie over at TPT.  

Hope you had a great day!  I'm gearing up for tomorrow's craziness...

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