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January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  

For the first time EVER all 5 of us stayed up to bring in the new year, probably because we kept the kids busy last night...  We played challenge games:

1) Balancing balloons on cups while wiggling.
2) Throwing mini marshmallows into a clock shaped arrangement of cups.
3) Transferring chocolate candies from one paper plate to a clock pattern using only a straw.
4) Using jumbo marshmallows and launching them across the kitchen and catching them in a cup.

Did we have fun?  Oh yes!  Did they sleep in long enough today?  Nope!

We also had a dance party, watched a couple of shows, built legos, and then made brownie bowls at 11pm.  

Country Living Magazine had posted a picture on IG a couple of days ago and I decided to try it.  Poured the batter into the muffin tins, baked for 30 minutes, pressed down with an additional muffin tin/ice cream scoop to make it deeper, then continued baking for another 7 minutes until really done.  Topped with ice cream.  It was delish!

My youngest started putting his head down on the couch at 11:55... oh, the irony of making him wake back up!  What's on the agenda for today?  Filling in my new planner, thinking about cleaning the house and putting away Christmas, and having a 24 hour date with my honey (lunch to lunch).  My wonderful parents are taking the boys on a special winter break sleepover.  But for now it's all about these pjs. 

Hope you had a great night!  How did you celebrate?

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