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January 17, 2016

Snow Day Similes {Freebie File}

That week right after break we had our Snow Day party at school.  I've done it for a couple of years, so you might have seen other posts about it.  This year it was simplified since I was still functioning at 60% after the bout with Bronchitis and we were catching up after 3 days of subs.
Here was our day:

*Math - Math fact snowball fight
Each student had a piece of scratch paper, they wrote a simple multiplication fact in the center of the paper, then crumpled it up.  On the count of 3 they all threw the paper balls, and then grabbed one off the ground.  They had to answer the math problem, sign their initial, and then write another math problem on the paper.  They then crumpled it up again, threw it again, and it continued again and again...  SO MUCH FUN!  Lots of giggles and my teacher heart was happy!
*Read Aloud: Snowflake Bentley
The big deal was making sure the kids knew how unique snowflakes are. 

*Snowflake Similes

In past years I've passed out the copy paper for students to make their own snowflake, or passed out a dicut that students add glue and glitter to... but this year I needed to simplify it... so we used coffee filters.  Here's the google doc. if you want the student paper. 

Do you celebrate snow in your classroom?   


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  1. Thanks for the simile idea! We're doing a poetry unit right now and that will be a fantastic addition!


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