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January 4, 2016

Snowmen and Reindeer Poop - A Fundraising Idea

It was all about poop that week before break... Snowman and Reindeer that is!  

Our school has a Holiday Shop where kids can bring in money and buy gifts for their family members.  In addition to the mugs and jewelry, teachers and grade levels are allowed to sell candy (basically the one time this happens during the year), so my team hopped to it trying to raise extra funds for our upcoming field trip.  My contribution were these poop bags.  I made 200 of them and they sold out within a couple of days... $200 coming straight to our grade level just from poop!

The Reindeer Poop were scoops of chocolate covered raisins, and the Snowman Poop were scoops of mini marshmallows with a tablespoon or two of those mini pastel mints sprinkled inside.  Size wise I used snack size ziplock bags with the cute labels stapled over the top.  We also sold Elf Vitamins (Skittles), and Candy Cane "Build your own Reindeer" kits.  

Are you allowed to sell anything in your Holiday Shop?

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