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January 6, 2016

Sub Plan Templates... Making Writing Sub Plans a Piece of Cake!

This week I've been out sick with bronchitis.  It stinks being sick!  It stinks only being able to walk about 10 steps before I want to collapse, when I cough so much that I can't catch my breath.  I'm one that is never sick, so this really really stinks!  With that being said, I know you can relate to making sub plans when you are ill... This year I'm so glad that I have a lesson plan template ready to go to make sub plans easy as pie.  I took some screen shots of how mine looks.   

*My first page has the general schedule, kids to know, a reference to the sub binder, and behavior information.

My Math page has the basic information about how the day is run.  I learned a long time ago that I can't worry that the day isn't going to be exactly like how I would do stuff because it won't be.  It can't be... but I like to give the sub an idea of our normal routine.

My ELA/Writing/Science/SS page is filled with the middle portion of our day.  I like to write a checklist (unless I'm explaining the routines).  The times I write in full paragraphs it seems that more things are forgotten/not noticed - perhaps the substitutes that have visited my class just need a list format?    

The next page has our afternoon.  Once again I try to tell the routines, but I also have much more detail in my sub binder.  

This year I added this into the actual lesson plans (instead of having a separate document).  I like how it's just a print away from being done, and I like how it asks exactly what I want to know.  

This is another page that I have attached to the back of my sub plans.  I also have a bunch of these notes printed on colored paper in my sub binder.  It really encourages the kids to work hard for the subs.  :)  

I hope your transition back to the classroom has been extra easy... hopefully soon I'll see my kiddos too!  

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  1. Do you inform the students about the rewards coupon before you are going to be out or does the sub just hand them out?


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