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January 3, 2016

The Day the Firetruck Came

I teach 4th, not Kindergarten or 1st... but my big kids still love an up close look at a fire truck.  

Every fall or winter (either in November, December, or January) the firemen come to the 4th graders in town to give a fire safety lesson.  One hour is all inside where they talk to the kids about exit routes, having a fire drill at home, the importance of smoke detectors, the different levels of fires, how to use a fire extinguisher, and basically what not to do...  They give the kids homework that involves them having a fire drill at their homes and making up an exit route with their families.  If nothing else it sparks good conversations.  

Then the next time they come is an hour outside.  They show off their exploding doll house (it's a demonstration of how gas and fire/heat do not mix), what they look and sound like when they are in their gear (so kids won't hide if they hear a Darth Vadar noise talking to them in a smoke filled room), and then give a full tour of the truck.  They even let the kids sit in the passenger seat for a quick personalized picture to send home to their mamas.  :)  

Are we the only town that does this for this age level?  They started it years ago because 2 fourth graders were playing around with fire near a water heater and things got ugly... so they started this "Learn Not to Burn" program to teach fire safety.

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  1. That program sounds great Emily! We have something similar where our CFA (Country Fire Authority) come to our school with a smoke house that the kids need to crawl through to practise what they'd do in real life but they don't get to see the equipment or hear the 'darth' noise. My class would love that!
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