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November 8, 2013

Instagram Style Five for Friday


This week I've been taking pictures!  Wanted to share some with you as part of Doodlebug's Weekly Linky Party!  You actually get 6 of them - can't figure out which one to get rid of... and I'm ready to party!!  3 day weekend here we come!  

First off - This was only a 4 day week for me.  It wasn't supposed to but I had to be home with a "possibly" sick kid on Monday.  He was ill on Sunday night, and not knowing what the next day would bring I called in for a sub.  The whole thing of making sub plans at the last minute isn't for me... so I needed to give myself some time to get it done.  BTW - He felt much better for the most part on Monday.  

Anyhow, when I was home I decided (with an idea from my dad) to finally push the self cleaning oven button on the oven.  Only the top one, and there was only one fire...  

On Tuesday we had our Scholastic box show up - these books were those freebies that the kids were able to choose due to ordering in the "Beginning of school - get all the bonus points as possible - please help our class" order.  Those sweet 13 families raised over 10,000 bonus points for our class!    

This week we also celebrated our puppy's 2nd birthday.  The boys and I headed to the pet store and picked up a 3 foot long rope and more of her favorite bouncy balls.  Little things... we've learned our lesson from last year - she destroys most of her toys, so things have to be indestructible.  

I sing.  Just a fun fact about me.  I'm also really shy and afraid of microphones.  So I'm not really sure why I decided to sign up this year for the church Christmas choir.  We've been practicing for a while now, since the Christmas choir really starts singing at Thanksgiving and it's an every week type of thing.  Anyway, Thursday night - probably because I had recess duty this week and had to yell for everyone to freeze - those high soprano notes were extra high.  Thankful for my Minnie mug with hot tea & honey - and for my student that gave it to me 3 years ago.  :)  

I saw an example of this little owl on Facebook last night, so I switched out my art project to make them today.  Above is my example.  My students will finish up on Tuesday (some of my ELL's were gone at that moment in time and need to finish).  Super simple - paper plate, fold one edge forward - then fold back the other way, then bring in the wings before giving a quick staple (to keep it flat - the eyes are glued over the staples).  I gave my students a strip of white construction paper, which they folded into 1/4's - in 2 of the sections they drew the eyes, the other 2 sections had the feet.  Then they took some of the extra white areas and created a triangle beak. Decorate, cut, glue, and done.  
This picture makes me mad - but I feel the need to spread the word about these little book lights.  They don't work.  I was all excited about giving my students a Flashlight Friday - and my students were excited too.  So I went out to a certain dollar type store and bought a class set.  My own son was being a helper this morning in the classroom and opened one up.  Turned it on - looked great.  Turned it off, then on again - and it didn't turn on.  Maybe it's just a dud - but I have 35 more of them that may not work.  Didn't realize that the store doesn't accept returns or that the manager wouldn't exactly be a kind person.  I won't be shopping there again... which is probably okay since I never felt safe going there anyway.   

Have a wonderfully long weekend!  :)  


  1. Are oven's meant to catch fire when you clean them?!?! Too bad about the book light - that is very annoying, especially since you bought one for each kid… grrrr

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. I've tried the self-cleaning oven option once, and it scared the heck out of me, so I didn't let it finish and I never tried it again. I assume that there aren't supposed to be fires?!



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