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November 3, 2013

Time for Another Peek

To be honest, when I left school on Friday afternoon I didn't really know exactly what I would be doing on Monday morning.  I mean, it is the same routine - finally a normal routine this coming week.  But I was exhausted - the day after Halloween... I spent the entire day yawning, and then fell asleep on the couch when I got home.

Thankfully I always bring home my plan book (which was blank), and had my yearly pacing guide (which was full) - so at least I could figure out what comes next.  I am so excited about a "normal" week this coming week!  :)

Just being honest.  

Okay - time to link up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for another installment of A Peek at My Week.  

This next week we actually have a fiction story to read.  :)  I know!!!  I'm so excited.  Not that I don't love reading nonfiction stories, but it's just not the same as tearing a part a fiction one.

The story is about a visually impaired boy that decides to start a business making greeting cards.  At this moment in time I don't have a fun connection in mind - just going to focus on the basics - defining vocabulary, making vocabulary cards, adding to our interactive notebook, making connections to self/text/world, creating a story map, rereading out loud with a partner, and writing a summary.  

In math we will be starting to multiply double digits.  I mentioned it yesterday, but I made up a new task card set for my kiddos.  

I'm having a pin it to win it until later on tonight in case you are interested.  

Read Alouds this week will be continuing on with Lemonade War - so far we're up to chapter 4, and the kids are so into it.
Our Mentor Sentence book is The Wretched Stone.  

We will begin learning about the California Missions this next week.  It will take us forever, but we get to start our mission a day booklets.

Basically each day we learn facts about a specific mission.  There are 21 of them, so we will be doing this for weeks to come, ending up right before Christmas break when they choose their own mission to learn more about and to begin their research report.

November means we will also be working on our Traditions books.  These books are so special (at least to my class) because they turn into their Christmas presents for their parents.  This is another project that takes weeks to complete, since we tackle all the different holidays and write descriptive informational paragraphs for each tradition. 

A couple of years ago I tried to do this in a matter of days by having the kids publish them through Student Treasures.  It was a wonderful idea to give it as a hardbound gift, but it caused a lot of stress.  Instead, I now just use card stock and bind it in our own school library.

Well - that's it.  5 days until we have a 3 day weekend.  :)  
Hope you are having a great day!  

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