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December 14, 2013

5 Random Moments

5 random moments of this week…

Here are my boys with Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  It's the official picture… We used to get them all dressed up, but over the years we are lucky to not be in the picture with them.  I've been photographed so many times with Santa in an orange shirt (totally clashes), or holding a screaming child - that this year I don't care that my children are wearing their clothes from school, or that Mrs. Claus is holding my youngest in place so he doesn't dart out of the scene.  I'M NOT IN THE PICTURE - and for that I'm doing the happy dance!

Okay - here's something school related.  We sent home progress reports on Friday.  Since the progress reports are really just a print out of the online grade book for parents to look at, I like to add a little more information on a half sheet of piece of paper.  Just more of their recent assessments - district tests and the reading unit tests.  First trimester I pull the kids over one by one to go over their grade print out, this time around I passed them out and went through the different areas to look at.  Both times the kids made up a goal of an area to work on, and wrote something they were proud of.  This half sheet of paper was stapled on top of their academic grades.  I had a request for the sheet - it's over on Google Docs in a powerpoint format.

I love my kid so much - This week I went back to school to sit through a beginning violin concert in order to hear his guitar group perform.  Let me say that again.. beginning violins…  Oy!

My older boys were also in the children's musical at church.  They both were in the choir, and then my oldest had a speaking part.  He isn't afraid of the microphone like his mommy!

Okay - last random thing… I uploaded a freebie early this morning as a surprise for my students this coming week.  We are starting the unit on prime and composite numbers (even though we have been practicing with it for the past 1 1/2 months in Morning Math Meeting) - I wanted to change it up to being a special Holiday version of our normal headings.  Every day the kids sort random numbers under the correct headings - so why not make it fun!  

Linking up with Doodlebugs!  :)  Hope something in my rambling helps you!  

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