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December 13, 2013

Time to ROCK Out!!

My students totally don't get my humor, but I crack myself up.  This week we finished up our Rocks and Minerals chapter in Science.  I used this pack by I Heart Recess (partly because it was put together so cleverly, and mainly because I have been super busy with life and didn't have time to think of all the details).

Here is my version of the folder.  We folded the folders into a bifold flap.  We separated it out Rocks vs. Minerals and spent a lot of time comparing the two.  

Here's the inside of my folder.  The kids' folder match - but I figured you probably would like to see my handwriting vs. 9 & 10 years olds.

Here's the outside open part of my folder.  I found this free comic strip over on TPT.  It's funny!

Smores using an iron - SO SMART!
Then we made an edible version of the rock cycle.  The last couple of years I have brought in a ton of different edible versions of the different types of rocks, this year though I simplified it with Jessica's Smores activity.  The kids each got a full size graham cracker, a marshmallow, and a piece of chocolate.  I had them make a sedimentary rock by stacking the ingredients, and then a metamorphic rock by applying pressure (with a little squish).  For the igneous rock I called them up with their Smores (on a paper plate), took off the top graham cracker, and used my iron to melt the marshmallow.  Jessica recommended using parchment paper to keep everything sanitary and clean - I'm so glad I listened to her!  

I hope this helps you!

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  1. Love these ideas! I will be pinning it so I can follow the links and check out all the ideas! We do our rocks and minerals unit after Christmas!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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