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December 7, 2013

My 500th Post

500 posts… When my friend first told me that I should start a teaching blog, I actually told her that I wouldn't know what to say….  In real life I'm not much of a talker.  I'm a ponderer, a list-tackler, but I don't talk much to adults.  

Except on here.  

I wanted to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching today to share some random things about this past week.

1 - Monday and Tuesday's Shopping Spree

I had a lot of fun over at the Cyber Sale.  It mainly continued the fun that I had with all the Black Friday sales.  

Winter Wonders Story StartersGrammar Robots! Parts of Speech Grammar Mosaic- Color By PIllinois Tornado Relief Fund 3-5 Bundle with a few extras HUGE Seller's Toolkit Bundle #2! Digital Papers, Borders,

Winter Holidays Color By Parts of Speech and PunctuationMath Mat Glyph:  MultiplicationDigital Doodle Frames (The Lori Line)Digital Doodle Frames (The Sophia Line)

See what I mean?  I actually checked out 4 times.  Kept thinking I was done, but then I just kept coming back for more.

2: Royal Mail
On Veteran's Day I was catching up on email when I noticed a note from a publishing house located in London.  At first I thought it was spam, but it turned out to be legit.  They were contacting me about a new children's series for intermediate age kids and wanted to send me some books.  Of course I said sure (who can pass up free books).  On Thursday I got this package in the mail and my own boys have been busy reading the books.  My oldest (age 9) is really into them, and has almost finished the first book… it's a survival theme with animal characters.  

3: Asthma Stinks!  
Thursday was just a hard day.  I didn't feel good and kept gasping for air… seriously every 4th word was a big breath.  I had a half day training, came home, and immediately called the advice nurse.  They told me that it sounded like I was having a bronchial spasm (again - same thing as last winter), but they didn't have any more appointments in the after hours clinic, and the next phone appointment was at 7:30 pm.  I made it another half hour before my husband (and boys) took me to the ER.  2 hours later, after having an EKG, breathing treatment, blood tests, and getting my blood pressure to come down (of course it spiked when I saw the needle), I was able to come home with a new inhaler.  Now, I've had asthma before… all throughout elementary, middle, and high school… but I had outgrown it.  I was supposed to be in the clear - and it has come back.  Totally stinks that it's now become a pattern.  

4: Nancy Fetzer Training
Nancy Fetzer's Grades 4-6 Writing CurriculumThe Reading Connections Book
Like I said above, on Thursday was a big training.  Nancy Fetzer came to our school district for a follow up training and the 4th /5th grade teachers went to another school to participate.  This is the year that we are transitioning to Common Core, and we are trying to see how that change is going to work (especially since we aren't getting new ELA materials anytime soon).  Nancy is an awesome teacher, and has a ton of freebies & videos on her website.  Such great ideas!  

5: Shopping for Winter Wonderland

This morning I went out with my little helper and bought some supplies for our grade level table's fundraiser.  For Winter Wonderland the 4th grade teachers will be hosting a table that students can create glitter ornaments and personalized tiles, so had to pick up 2 boxes (100 each) of 4 inch tiles and 10 boxes (8 each) of clear glass ornaments.  They have both been a hit in the past, so we decided to combine both of them.  Here are my boys' tiles from last year…

For the tiles we just had the kids draw with Sharpie markers.  The cost of one plain tile is 15 cents at the store, but we were able to sell them for $2.  The glass ornaments are on sale at the moment for 50% off (at Michaels), so $5 per box - and we will be selling them for $3 each.  A fun experience for $5.  We asked our student families to donate red and white yarn, paper lunch bags, tissue paper, and different colors of glitter.  This has saved a lot of start up costs.

The ornaments are super easy - we just take off the hanger of the ornament, put a couple of drops of Pledge's Floor Care Multi Surface Finish and swirl around to make everything wet.  Then we dump out the extra, and sprinkle in some glitter, cover the top, and shake to make everything glittery.  The glitter sticks to the inside shell of the ornament - beautiful ornaments without the mess.  Then it's just a matter of sticking the hanger back on, tying a little yarn to the top to make a loop, wrapping everything up in a piece of tissue paper, and sticking it into a lunch sized paper bag.  Easy peasy!
glitter ornaments
Here is a picture and directions from The Ornament Girl.  

I hope you had a great day!  We celebrated our 1st Christmas celebration with my in laws early this afternoon, then went to my aunt's 60th birthday party (it was a surprise), now I'm home drinking some hot tea, and contemplating another inhaler treatment…

Have a great night.  :)  


  1. I am glad your asthma is under control - that must have been horrible. Your Christmas decorations are awesome - thanks for the inspiration. Congrats on 500 posts and here is to 500 more!

  2. Those kid craft are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing them.


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