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December 8, 2013

Sunday Night Lesson Plans

Another week is about to begin… Linking up with Mrs. Laffin to share my plans for the week. (For the record, my plan book was filled out before tonight… barely… these busy days and evenings haven't let a lot of time to breathe, let alone tackle the big to do list.)

This week our medicine unit has to do with heart surgery, specifically the first ever successful one.  I know, gross!  But the kids are fascinated with it, so I go with it too.  I really am thankful for the advances in heart care - without it I wouldn't have my mom.  

To make it personal I found this image that I'm giving them to add to their interactive notebooks as a reminder - and as a little incentive - a coloring page.  
Christmas Reading Graphic Organizers {Use with ANY text} C

I'm also using these graphic organizers this week for our mentor sentence and our text.  

For math we are still plugging away at long division.  So far we have tackled 2 and 3 digits, this week we are wrapping it up with 4 digits.  Lord, help us!  As a fun review, I found this freebie over on TPT that I'm excited to use.  
 Pizza Picasso!A  Fast-Paced Common Core Aligned Long Divis
My students have enjoyed playing dice games, and this pizza game adds a little more fun involving pizza & coloring.  

We zipped through Chocolate Touch last week, so later on this week we are moving onto Chocolate Fever.  Before we move on, I will be using my Activity Cards to have kids show comprehension of the story.  

Chocolate Touch Unit (Activity Cards and Journal Pages)

Rock Time!  Last week was all about Minerals and this week it's time to turn the tables to talk about Rocks.  I'm still using Jessica's activity unit to help kids make it "come alive".  Last year I used chocolate, cookies, and pancakes to get the kids interested, this year I'm changing it out to use Jessica's Smore's activity - less mess!  

 Rocks & MInerals Interactive Science Notebook {4.P.2.2 & 4.P.2.3}

The Traditions Books are DONE - finally!  Tomorrow I have to start the process of binding them together, and then the kids will help me wrap them for their parents later on this week.  This week during Writing time I am going to focus on reviewing grammar using this pack from Blair Turner.  My students enjoyed her Thanksgiving Grammar, so I splurged and picked up her Holiday one too.  It is perfect review for them.
Winter Holidays Grammar Packet

We will also start focusing on creating short Winter Stories using 4th Grade Frolics Story Starters set.

Winter Wonders Story Starters

It's going to be quite the week…  definitely will be holding onto my hat (and scarf… and inhaler…) to make it through the week.  

Have a wonderful day!  


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  2. We've been working on long division for the past week, too! If I can ever get back to school we will continue working on it until Christmas break!

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