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December 1, 2013

Bundle Up & Peek

Yep, you read it right.  It's cold outside!  I just want to stay wrapped up in my sweats and blanket today, but instead I'm going out to sing again… on stage… with a microphone.  
I loved it last week, so I'm doing it again!

I also wanted to wrap up some of my best sellers so they would be greater savings to you - 20% off of the cost of the regularly priced items.  With the Cyber Sale it will be an even greater discount on Monday and Tuesday.   

So I have now bundled up Set 1 and Set 2 of my Whole Class Writing Journals in one easy download.

I also bundled up my Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping Task Cards.  These are perfect to use all winter long.

Then I bundled up other best sellers - my Super Hero Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping Task Card sets.  These are the same equations as my Penguin themed set, but they work year round.  

I'm working on bundling up other products as well, so stay tuned! 

Now, I wanted to link up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings to share a peek at my upcoming week… knowing that I have school tomorrow has been tough - I have loved vacation.  Her linky though made me actually open up my teacher bag and lesson plan book.  I need to remember what I'm doing tomorrow!  

We are starting Unit 3 in our Reading text.  Our unit is a Medicine unit - all different types of medicines, treatment, health care, etc…  This week our story includes a timeline of medicine.  
 Timeline of Medicine (4th Grade OCR)

For this story, since it always falls in December each year, I took the 24 different medical dates and typed them up.  It turns out to be 2 pages per student, and they color them in a red/green or red/white pattern, then cut them out, to then attach them into a paper chain.  I need to remember to refill my staplers for this activity!

This week in Math we are starting Long Division.  We have been practicing it during our Morning Math Meeting, but now it is the focus of our days.  I have 3 sets of them that I have created that I use interchangeably.  The equations are the same between the robot, Christmas, and Snowman  sets, just the clip art changes it up to make it special.  We will practice for a bit, then these cards will go into our math centers, and we'll play scoot later on in the week.    
 Long Division Task Cards (Robot)Long Division Task Cards (Christmas)Long Division Task Cards (Snowman)

Our Mentor Sentence Read Aloud this week is Grandpa's Teeth...


…and we will be starting our Chocolate Touch and Chocolate Fever comparison.  

In Science we will be starting our unit on Rocks and Minerals.  This year I'm using this Interactive Notebook by Jessica Scott to help it come alive for my students.   
 Rocks & MInerals Interactive Science Notebook {4.P.2.2 & 4.P.2.3}

Want to see what I did last year?  I'll still do a bunch of stuff like last year, just going to go deeper with my students. 

I hope you have a wonderful day! 

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  1. Good luck with long division! I think we are starting that as well. (I don't teach math -- only writing so I'm not 100% sure.) When I did teach division last year, we were forbidden to teach the algorithm. We had to teach it by place value and it was a catastrophe! We have a new math series now that seems to be much better at helping the students (and teachers) understand it.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great week!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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