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December 15, 2013

Motivation: 10 Minute Filler

I have this time during the day that I have a lot of kids gone from the classroom.  Some of them are still in pull out music, some of them are still in ELL pull out, some are still shopping in the Holiday Shop, then there are the random children that are at "emergency status" for the bathroom/nurse/office…  

This year I am all about having them make up words during that time.  It's a competition, a challenge, and they love working together in groups.  

I write up random words or a phrase onto the whiteboard… such as "Winter Wonderland" or "Sneaky Tiny Elf", "Silly Snowman", etc. and then announce it's Word Time!  They rush to grab binder paper (easier to count their words), and start making up words with the letters.  

Somedays it's only 10 minutes, somedays I can give them a full 20 minutes.  They love it though!   
These were a brainstorm for Winter Wonderland.

Just sharing in case you need a little filler during these crazy busy hectic days!  Linking up with Joanne and her Saturday Spark Student Motivation linky.



  1. LOVE this idea! Will definitely be using this week! Thanks!

  2. So simple and easy! I love fun fillers! And, the best part...they're learning spelling patterns and new vocabulary! hahahaha (evil laugh!). You're so sneaky Emily! Thanks for sharing and linking up a great idea for this week!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. That is a great and easy time filler! Super idea!

    Mind Sparks


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