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December 19, 2013

Cute Art Projects

Proud mommy moment. I love preschool art projects. I also love how they give me ideas of things that my own students could tackle without as much hands on help. 
My youngest brought home a large paper grocery bag filled with all these art projects. Automatically I went aww... and then started thinking of what I could move around in my schedule tomorrow to create something else in class. 
I keep saying I'm done with art projects - I'm up to my neck in construction paper, scissors, glue, and paint... But I love this time of year. Maybe there will be time to add another project to the schedule. 
Have a great night! 


  1. I feel pathetic because we haven't made even ONE holiday craft this year. I just feel like I have so much stuff that I don't want to leave unfinished before the break...but now I feel kind of guilty about it.

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  2. I haven't been artsy this year, either. That was supposed to be today, then we had a snow day :(


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