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December 23, 2013

When I Grow Up! {Giveaway}

When I was little the only thing I ever wanted to be was a teacher.  I'm sure many of you can relate.  You might have "taught" your dolls and stuffed animals… perhaps your younger siblings too.  I'm know my sister appreciated it (I'm being totally sarcastic). 

I knew about the teaching profession because my mom was a teacher… and my aunt… and my uncle… I understood what it would take to become a teacher, and the hard work involved after I got my first job.  Was I prepared?  To a certain extent, Yes!  Was it still a challenge, especially that first year?  Of course!  

This year my school implemented College Mondays.  Every Monday we wear our college spirit shirts - allowing students the opportunity to see all the different schools that are out there.  The point is for the kids to see different options, and to let them dream about their futures.  I wanted to take that idea and go further with my students.  I wanted to give them opportunities to dream about their future professions, but give them a realistic view of how it takes hard work to reach those professions.  

I have asked my different student parents to come in and talk about their jobs.  Over the years the students have learned about what it takes to be a fireman, work in an office setting, work at NASA, be a nurse, an EMT, a lab tech, etc.  I always ask the same questions to the parents - What do you do everyday?  How long did your training take?  What skills did you need to have?  Where did you go to school to learn your career? Why do you think this is a good career?  The kids get a good grasp of the hard work, but also why it's a fulfilling profession.  

So I upgraded the binder paper my students usually use and created this journal for students to fill in as they learn about different careers.  
 This journal contains 11 different careers.
 It also contains a student cover.
 Students will research the information (I do it together in class), and record their information into the journal.  A blank journal sheet is included for additional careers.  

I want kids to dream about their futures - just like we did.  I hope this Student Created Career Journal helps you in your classroom too!

Want to win it?  Just leave a comment below with your email address and I will send it to a lucky winner on December 26th.

Have a great day!     


  1. I would love to win this!

  2. Happy Holidays! I would love to win this. It looks wonderful!

  3. Looks wonderful! Would love to win a copy!

  4. You are such an inspiration to me, I love your ideas and the window that you give us into your classroom. This is an awesome idea! Merry Christmas!

  5. This looks wonserful!!

  6. This looks wonserful!!

  7. I hope you haven't given it away yet! I love it. I, also, have only wanted to be a teacher... and it took me until I was 35. Life sure got in the way, but I cannot imagine being as happy doing anything else.
    check out our class blog:

  8. I'm running late… so sorry about that! Between the washer breaking, and the after effects of Christmas I haven't been on this computer. My boys chose the winner - it was comment #4. I'll be emailing Tara (Teacher Mom) right now!


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