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December 12, 2013

Long Division Culmination Projects

We are down to the stretch of Long Division.  I can't wait to finish and move onto the final district assessment.  My kids are going to nail it this Friday!  Yesterday we did a little "fun" activity that kept them motivated to do their best… Enter "Long Division Pizza".

I found this free activity over on TPT, and then proceeded to change it up to be less copies for me.  Each student received a slice of pizza - paper of course.  The paper has different elements labeled with 2 of each number 0-9.  The kids are supposed to use the digits provided to come up with a 3 digit divided by 1 digit number… I just used whiteboards and had the kids create their own problems using their dice cards.  

When the student solves a problem they get to take one digit from the dividend and color it on their pizza.  Just ONE digit.  So, if the answer was 145 r 2, they get to choose either a 1,4,5, or 2 to color.  Then they move onto the next equation.  This class loves the competition aspect, so I had them get together with a partner as a competition to see who would color their pizza in first.  It was hopping!

Today I gave them this movie paper to connect Long Division to real life.  This is from this activity pack - I made it half size to save paper.  We worked through the left side together, then the right side (with the food portion) I had them do for classwork & a grade. The kids are basically at the point of being so bored doing Long Division… they are practically dreaming about it… so today I'm glad they were able to see it in action.  Probably should have done this earlier for the connection aspect, but before today they weren't ready for 4 digits yet.  

Anyway, I hope these 2 activities help you!  


  1. I've use the Movie Madness packet in my classroom, too! My kids enjoyed it. We did it as a project that lasted a few weeks and completed a page each day. I'm in the same boat as you- my kids are SO over division. They couldn't be less interested in doing it anymore. I have to say, though, the fun projects like these have really helped to get them back on board!

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