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March 2, 2021

Four Virtual Classroom Games

This year I really wanted to give my students a sense of fun, to feel that classroom magic.  So every day for the last couple of minutes we play a quick game.  It changes by the day, but each day ends with smiles.  I wanted to share what we've been playing.  

I Like My Neighbor Who:
Everyone switches their screens to large gallery mode and turns off their camera.  I choose a kid from our name jar, and they say something like "I like my neighbor who..." and they choose something kind of random.  If a student in class agrees with that statement they switch their camera on and the screen fills up with faces.  We've done everything from I like my neighbor who like cheese pizza, to has an Elf on the Shelf, to loves dogs more than cats...  It's fun and they ask for it a lot!

This is a newer game... Students put their virtual hands up and I go in order.  They say a true statement and a false statement, the point is to trick their classmates.  The kids guess which is the true statement, they tell us, and then we go to the next person.  They have learned so much about their classmates this year.  

Scavenger Hunts:
When we need to get up and move, we play Scavenger Hunt.  We usually stick to the colors to make it easy to grab something quickly.  I choose the first kid, they make a choice, and they only have 30 seconds to grab the chosen color.  Then that person chooses the next person and so on.  A lot of these games we are racing the clock to see how many rounds we can play before it's time to say goodbye.  

Would You Rather:
Yep - they come up with them.  Would you rather live on Pluto or Mars? Eat a worm or a cricket? They can be kind of gross.  The kids raise their virtual hands for their choice.  Now that TEAMS just rolled out quick actions - applause, hearts, etc... the kids mix it up by saying what action to do for each choice. Do hearts for worms and applause for crickets... It's fun and it goes quick.

If nothing else these virtual classroom games have gotten us to know each other this year, and to that I'm thankful. Do you have any other virtual games I can add to the mix?

Hope you had a great day!

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