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March 22, 2021

Stickers Anyone?

I was the kid in elementary school with the sticker collection.  I loved stickers. I thought I outgrew it, then as a teacher my love of stickers came back full speed.  Then as a parent I have seen how my boys love those crazy water bottle ones... Today, I wanted to share the different sets that I've picked up this year for my classroom. But first, the why.

Because it's motivation to do something hard.
Because it's motivation to keep persevering and participating.
Because it's a reward for accomplishing a goal that costs barely anything.
Because they are fun and I am still teaching kids.  :)

Okay - the different sets I've picked up.  As always, if you order any of these, make sure to look through to make sure nothing inappropriate found their way into the pouches.  And as a disclaimer - I love these, my kids love these, but I'm not getting paid to share about them.  

and I also have picked up Food, Ocean, and Animal Crossing ones, but somehow those links don't look the same anymore...

Now why so many? Well in the fall my students started having their Class Dojo points add up.  It was one thing to make a big deal and award TEAM praises, but it's another thing to have a visual reference to motivate themselves to keep participating... and encourage others to do the same.  So I told the kids my idea, and asked them for ideas for themes of stickers to look for.  They came up with a ton of ideas, and I did my best to stick to my budget and grab some.  

For every 25 Class Dojo points (which it's possible for them to get 1-2 per day), my students get to choose a sticker.  Well, they get to choose a theme, and I get to choose a sticker from that specific pack.  So it's a mystery gift that they get to open.  I have put the sticker into a labeled envelope and stick the envelopes into our office class crate.  Now that some kids are back in class, I can stick it on their desk. It's a super small thing, but it's been a huge incentive this year.  I still do TEAM praises, but now there is something physical to remember their accomplishments.  

Hope you had a great day!

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