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March 29, 2021

What I Tackle After the Kids Leave

We all know being a teacher, especially this year, is a lot more than just teaching the kids. Here’s how I’ve been setting up my to do lists to keep on a weekly schedule. These are mainly things I've done all year, and now I'm adding in the in person items...

*Send reminder to tomorrow’s in class group about items to bring 
*Update Class Dojo points and give praises if reach certain milestones
*Respond to kid messages and questions in their private channels, answer emails, and host a daily Q/A afternoon meeting (where I can multi-task if kids don't show up).

*Give out weekly materials to Group A when they arrive at school.
*AM - Make all TEAM assignments active
*Send morning email to parents with weekly information (Weekly Breakdown and Weekly Focus). If something is happening to the schedule for Monday, then I send it out on Friday afternoon.
*Grade all the late work that came in over the weekend...

*Go through email and clean up mailbox
*Update parent portal with missing work
*Play catch up...

Wednesday: (Everyone DL day)
*Start making plans for next week
*Sketch out next week’s Breakdown of assignments 
*Update next week’s Focus for essential questions and I can statements.

*Fill out engagement log and be ready to upload on Friday
*Prep any materials for next week, including drafting assignments in TEAMS
*Start drafting next week's parent email

*Give out the next week’s paperwork to my Group B while they are there in class.
After class:
*Update whiteboard - Change out the essential questions, I can statements, and next week’s reminders
*Spray down front table and set up materials for Monday.
*Change out DL office crate to next week’s materials for pick up
*Upload engagement logs
*Turn in temp check forms to office
*Update Parent Portal with grades
*Update TEAM with new color teams, new Breakdown, new Focus 

Of course everything is subject to change, but this is my goal each week. 

Every Unit:
*I sketch out what the ideal pacing would be, knowing that things change.  But at least it's all in my plan book and I know where we're headed.  I also use the drafts in my email to have an ongoing list of unit web links for science, social studies, and math.  I update those links on a weekly basis as I find more resources.  I may not always use everything in my "menu" but it's just a click away.  

And to think... a lot of this random paperwork is new this year... I wonder if it's going to be something we have to do for a long time to come, or if it's a one year deal.  I miss the simpler days.  

Hope you had a great day!

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