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March 1, 2021

Virtual Classroom Participation Chart

I've been trying really hard this year to help my kids be responsible for their learning.  I've done the same expectations (with a lot of extra grace) as our normal classroom.  Many of my students have risen to the challenge. They just needed to know my expectations.  

As a parent, I made a similar chart for my son, and it worked so great that I gave it to my students as well.  I passed this chart off to my student families, and encouraged the kids to do it. I told them to brag about their checkmarks to me in their private channels. They have. Oh, they have! :) I lift up my chart to the camera as a reminder, and they lift up their own charts on the screen.  They are proud of what they have accomplished this year.

I do use positive reinforcements by giving out Class Dojo points for active participation, teamwork, and high quality work. Some kids still need the physical motivation too, and maybe they aren't getting it at home, so those Class Dojo points add up to those cheap vinyl stickers. It's made an impact. They tell me what theme they want, I pull one out of my collection to add to an envelope that then gets stuck in our office crate for pick up.   

Little things...

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