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March 27, 2021

Week 1 Hybrid Concurrent - What I’ve Learned

I’ve learned that I’m easily exhausted.
I’ve learned that I feel safe in the classroom with the kids. 
I’ve learned that we are easily adaptable. 
I've learned that it's easy to put your guard down.

I’ve learned that the routines we’ve made all year with using TEAMs have transferred to this new way. We are still doing breakout groups, the online kids log into our meeting for breakout groups. They wear their headphones to hear the classmates and then whisper into their microphones. They log into TEAMs to do online paperwork. 

I’ve learned that it gets hot teaching in a mask. My mini fan is coming in handy. I’ve learned that straw water bottles are the best thing since sliced bread. It’s wonderful to drink without taking off my mask. I've learned that the blue paper masks make my nose itch, but I really like the yellow ones.

I’ve learned there is so much joy that has come back with having kids in the classroom. Even with the reminders to give space. 

I’ve learned that the quiet kids online are not necessarily quiet in the classroom. That they have come out of their shell and it’s so neat to see their personalities. I’ve learned I made some assumptions that aren’t true. I’ve also learned that some assumptions are true... 

I’ve learned that the relationships we’ve built all year are so important right now. The kids coming to school feel safe and are happy. The distance learning kids know they can count on me. I’ve learned to ask feedback questions in their group channels, and remembered to send out individual notes in their private channels. It makes my heart happy to see their responses. We’ve made their days. 

I’m learning how to give the in class vs at home different tasks to accomplish the same purpose. In class have become my worker bees- the leaders in breakout groups to record answers, make posters, and my volunteers in front of the webcam. Its really nice to not have to direct teach every moment of the morning. 

I’ve learned the technology this week so that we can hear and see all the kids at the same time. I’ve learned the beauty of the webcam microphone that allows at home to hear all the kids in the classroom. I’m not stuck in front of my computer all morning. I’ve learned to check the volume on the projector when the webcam is on. I won’t soon forget that horrible sound... :)

I’ve learned to slow down and take a break when needed. The at home kids didn’t mind at all when we needed to go outside for a few moments to take a water and mask break. It’s a really long morning until recess. Along with that I’ve learned the importance of still having fun. Playing games, even if it’s only a few minutes of the day. 

I’ve learned that we go through a lot of hand sanitizer each day, and that a paper cut then has the constant reminder.  :/ I’ve learned to use my front table to put out materials that the kids can easily pick up, so I don't need to spend time going desk to desk. I've learned to plan way in advance. What day do I need to share or pass out this paper? What day do I need to put this on the whiteboard? What day do I need to do this? I already knew I need notes and checklists, but this week I learned how much I really need the reminders.  

Yeah, I’ve learned a lot this week. Which is probably why I’m exhausted, yet happy. Every day is getting a little easier. I hope you had a great week too! 

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