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March 15, 2021

The Group Channels

I had a brainstorm the other day and I think it might just work.  Over on our TEAM I added these 3 channels to the top of the list.  

1. Distance Learner Information

1.  Hybrid Group A Information

1. Hybrid Group B Information

I learned at the beginning of the year that I can sort the way I want to sort (rather than alphabetical) by adding a number in front. See, it used to be this... 

but now on top of the Color Teams I have those 3 channels.  

I started thinking that if a different group was coming into the actual classroom every day, and I didn't want them to have to bring every single textbook, then I needed a place to put reminders for each group.  A place where they can check the day before when they are getting their backpacks ready.  

I'll still have to do verbal reminders too.  And I probably will still have to share my screen for the kids that forget... but isn't that life...

Then the reminder channel morphed into something else.  

I figure that I can use these channels as centers when in class has to do something only in class can do.  

Like on a Monday - Group B do this review activity because you will be doing that other activity tomorrow with me, DL do this - with a reminder to pick up the supplies from the office, and in class Group A doesn't need a reminder since they are with me.

and rotate the next day.

The kids in that specific group can message each other with questions since I can't guarantee that I'll be sitting trapped next to a computer for every moment of our morning anymore.  They can send me messages too in their private channels, but maybe they can get a response faster from their own team.  

Not chatting, but an actual purpose to their questions.  

We can practice this week.  I am changing my private conferences to the group conferences this week. Smaller groups of kids. We are going to work on teamwork skills.  

Our office crate is turning into a crate just for our Distance Learners.  I need to stick their Science Design Challenge envelopes up there, Groups A and B will pick them up next week from class.

That feels weird to say.  Weird and exciting having students back in the classroom.  It's been a long year.  

Anyhow, that's my newest idea.  

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