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March 6, 2021

My Padlet Portal

When I was setting up my virtual classroom this year, I wanted a way to keep everything in one spot.  I am used to using Padlet in previous years.  We'd head to the computer lab and the kids only needed to remember our class padlet to get to all the different links for their must dos.  This year I decided to switch it up a little with using 3 different padlets.  Let me show you.

Our main classroom padlet has a link to the student padlet, a parent padlet, and our back to school information.

Our student Padlet is set up in columns by subject.  We have a branch to a DARE homework padlet, and the different subject links that I have found helpful. When we do research, I stick the links directly in here for easy access.  The top links in a column are the most recent.  I switch things out by our different units. Since we can't do some of the interactive activities from a normal year, I have been trying to find interactive simulations to take the place... like the virtual owl pellet dissections - YUCK! 

Our parent padlet has helpful links that take parents to all the different websites that they need.  In addition to Class Dojo and the state standards, I also have included our school website, the online grade book, intervention links, etc.  

Do you use padlet too? Isn't it marvelous? Hope you had a great day!

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