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March 12, 2021

What Can I Control?

Sometimes I really want to scream. I know it's not exactly an adult reaction but there is so much going on that I don't know exactly how to compartmentalize it all. Not just school stuff, but also life stuff. Like having to say goodbye to our 10 year old puppy on top of everything else.  

So instead of scream, I break down. And drink Diet Coke.  And go to bed early. And eat chocolate. And hit the punching bag that is really for my children... 

Have I mentioned I have completed 2 Sugar Fasts in the past year? I know that having sugar isn't helping the situation, that it makes me even more anxious... there has been a lot going on.  

I'm currently on a Social Media Fast too.  That really is helping a lot.  I highly recommend it. In fact I really recommend both books.  


In 10 days we have students back on campus.  Tomorrow marks a year since they went home from school (Friday, March 13th) and they haven't been back inside since. 

But in 10 days, a little over a week, they will be coming back.  Well, some of them.  A lot of them will be staying home each day.  About 1/3 of my class are in each group.  I don't exactly know how that happened.

10 Full Distance Learners
8 in Group A (attend in person Monday and Thursday)
10 in Group B (attend in person Tuesday and Friday)

When they aren't with me they will still be logging in at home. How do I split my attention from inside the classroom to online? I already sometimes feel so scattered with juggling too many plates in the air. I can only imagine it is going to increase ten-fold.

So what can I focus on that I can control?
*I can practice with my own mask for longer periods of time and wearing glasses - I still haven't figured out how to get them to not fog up. But I have time to do that now.
*I can try and get some of my paperwork ready for the future.
*I can get the first week of hybrid concurrent lightly sketched out so I have the start of a plan.
*I can check my classroom to make sure spacing really is the best flow of traffic.
*I can practice with all the new technology to make sure that it's really ready to go.
*I can work on my first day of the new routine powerpoint.
*I can meal prep a few things and stick it in the freezer so I don't have to think about dinner.
*I can get my stock of foaming bubble bath ready and start using it now.
*I can keep on reading my Bible, drinking my water, and getting out there to exercise.
*I can spend time in my garden and get some fresh air.
*I can spend quality time with my family and do something fun.

*I can talk to my husband, family, and friends to let them know how I'm really feeling.  I need to be honest with them.

I am not alone, and neither are you.  

We can do this.  

Hope you had a good day.  

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