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June 26, 2013

Bloglovin' Giveaway

2nd post of the day - but it's worth it!! Have you entered in all the fabulous giveaways going on?  Here's another opportunity for you!  I know I've been talking about Bloglovin' for days... but now it's going to get a little fun.  :)  If you are a follower over at Bloglovin' you get a chance to win items from my stores of YOUR choice.  Check to make sure you are my new follower over there (or that it actually worked when you imported), fill out the rafflecopter below, and make sure you use your Bloglovin' user name.

Here's the link again to make sure you are really following the blog.


I hope this was able to help you in some way. I love comments and I like to reply via email. Please make sure your profile is set up with your email address (and that it's not a Have a great day!