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June 14, 2013

Revisiting Student Yearly Challenges

Hi everyone - I'm still somewhere in Alaska, so I found this post from last summer that you may not have read.  

Last summer I had just read The Book Whisperer for the first time and wanted to make up my own form for my students to aim toward.  Instead of the author's 40 book challenge, I changed it to 32 books.  

How did it work out?  It was so great!  The readers were reading, the kids were excited.  I didn't push the different genres in my class, but we did discuss it together.  I just wanted them reading since so many of them started the year at least 2 years below grade level.  As they finished their charts, they had a choice of classroom tickets, extra credit, or our school cash.  I'm definitely going to continue this next year, I'm just thinking of making it cute before I print it again - adding some clip art or something... another summer project.

The other 2 charts I mentioned last year I mainly started pushing closer to testing time.  Throughout the year I had my students circle the different skills after we finished the specific standards so they knew what to practice.  As we started getting into main test prep, I went over their specific areas and made sure they practiced the ones they hadn't mastered yet.  

This is the Internet 4 Classrooms game board
This was for IXL.  

 All in all - highly recommend something to get the kids motivated to take responsibility for their own learning.  

Have a wonderful day!  

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  1. I love this idea and there's the added bonus of the life skill to self motivate. :)
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