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June 1, 2013

Random Moments and Motivation

Linking up with Doodlebugs to share about my week.

I know I have told you a lot about my week already - basically minute by minute over the past 5 school days...

Maybe it bored you.  :)

Anyhow, wanted to show you the less glamorous side of the week.  Don't judge me with the pictures.  By the end of it all I was in the stuffing mood and I DON'T CARE (at least I don't care right now, I will probably care as of Monday or Tuesday next week and make a trip into school to reorganize it all).

I shoved. 
Shoved many things into the cabinets.
I popped.  
...and popped popcorn.
I pushed.
Yes, I pushed the furniture around.  
I stapled.
I put up 3 bulletin board to get ready for next year - my Voices/Face, Info/Behavior, and my Vocabulary Wall.  
I stacked.
There was a lot of stacking on everything up high - but somehow everything got off the ground.  
.... and then I looked around and smiled :)
I also froze!  Otter Pops that is.  Isn't food just the greatest incentive?!!  Yes, that deserves a question mark since it's totally rhetorical and TWO exclamation points because it's so true.  This week with the darlings they wanted to be completely nuts.  Like overboard excited.  I was right there with them, but I held myself in check... barely...

These past 5 days, as part of our countdown, I was giving out treats right and left... and if they weren't behaving as nicely as they should I didn't give it to them when everyone else got theirs.  They had to be patient.  They had to be respectful.  They had to be kind to others... and when they could show me that they were on their best behavior they got their treat.  

Last Friday was the Smore's Cone.
Wednesday was our Ice Cream in a Bag.
Thursday was our Reading Buddy Otter Pop Party.
Friday was Popcorn as part of our Movie Day.  

Lots and lots of treats.  :)  The kids brought in $5 to cover the cost of it all.  

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!  

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  1. I did a lot of shoving, stacking, and smiling this week too! I'm almost there. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners


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