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November 4, 2013

Math Shout Outs

Linking up with I {Heart} Recess to share what's going on in my classroom regarding math.

I have never really liked math.  There, I said it.  I'm not a math fan, but I'm learning to absolutely love math time in my classroom this year.  

What changed?  Math rotations and finding supplements that help my students with exactly what they need.  

Wanted to share what I'm using (product wise) in my classroom on a daily/weekly basis and how I'm using it.  All the images below are linked to the product pages on TPT in case you want to go take a look.  :)  

Morning Math - 

Math Meeting - Headers - Lime and Black and White Chevron
I know I've shared it before, but I use 4th Grade Frolics's set.  It matches up with my classroom colors and goes well on my pocket chart.  I add task cards for the different areas that are easy to switch out every afternoon.   

Interactive Math Notebooks -

4th Grade Interactive Math Notebook - Geometry4th Grade Interactive Math Notebook - Fractions
4th Grade Interactive Math Notebook - Number & Operations 4th Grade Interactive Math Notebook - Operations & Algebra4th Grade Interactive Math Notebook - Measurement & Data
I have all of these from Create Teach Share - they have come in so handy.  I have to say that I'm usually using my printer's 2 per page option.  This is my first year doing interactive notebooks - so I don't exactly know if I'm doing it correctly, but the kids are so much more engaged than the days of past years when we just wrote regular notes into the notebooks.  

Math Rotations - 

Math Rotations Board - Lime Dots/Black Chevron Theme
I chose 4th Grade Frolics set for my Rotations board (which I keep on my whiteboard) since it matches my classroom colors the best.  I started off the year having the full board up on my cabinet, but I soon needed that spot for something else.  Since the groups change every week and the options change every day, I keep it on my whiteboard with magnets.  Four of the small cards are at the top of my board and I write what the kids are either doing, or what they need to bring to the center underneath.  I use my magnetic pocket charts (from Scholastic).  The kids change groups every Monday morning, and their classroom numbers go in the pocket charts for the week.  Then I only need to switch the rotation headings around during the transition times.  

At your seat time -

For this area I wanted to keep it a spiral type of review.
Math Moves: Stepping Up Our Math Game {4th Grade CCSS Dail
I use Fun in Room 4B's Math Moves during this time.  This is something they have to work on a little everyday, and then we go over it full class.  I love the quiz options too.

4th Grade Math Common Core Weekly Daily Review Warm Ups *B

I also use these review sheets from Jennifer Findley either during at your seat, for extra review homework, or for "if you finish early" activities.  
Collection of 50 Problem Solving Tasks
I just bought this this morning from Create Teach Share, so I haven't used it in the classroom yet.  I'm really excited about adding one or two of these problem solving tasks into the rotation each week.  I know how much the kids absolutely hate dislike problem solving, and it shows.  Hoping to get my kids more comfortable tackling the tasks.  

Math Assessments -

I like to give a short little math quiz every Friday, so this year I'm using these 2 for my main assessments.  Each set has one quiz for each skill.  I love them!  
4th Grade Common Core Math Assessments and Data Collection
This set is from Jennifer Findley - there are a lot of word problems.
Fourth Grade Math Assessments Test Prep Edition
This set is from Ashleigh - I have the multiple choice ones copied.
Between the 2 the kids are always getting feedback, and showing me if they really get the standard.   

Parent Intervention Time (One on One) - 

4th Common Core Math Homework Printables *All Standards*
This set by Jennifer Findley I printed one set and laminated it, then used binder rings to keep the different math strands together.  I keep it in my parent/helper basket, and can easily flip to the specific standard for the kids to get extra practice.
Common Core Math Worksheets (for all 4th grade standards)
I also have this set from Create Teach Share that I use mainly for intervention (send home an extra practice sheet when they didn't do great on the quiz), but also for at your seat math workshop.

Can I tell you how much I love sales?  So thankful for all these amazing teacher creators that have helped me in my classroom.  

Hope you had a great day!    


  1. Thanks for linking up! LOVE all of these resources!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of these great resources! I have added many of them to my wish list.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. I'm so glad it could help you both. Did you get my reply via email? I've been replying by email but never know if it really goes through...


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