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July 28, 2012

Back to School Night Packet

When I transferred to 4th grade I searched the internet looking for 4th grade specific materials so I didn't need to recreate the wheel.  Maybe you did the same thing when you moved to a different grade level?  Anyhow, one of the things that I did, and continue to do is look specifically at the different Back to School Packets to see if I'm missing something.  So, I wanted to share my Back to School Packet with you (with obvious contact information taken out of it).  I'm just going to copy and paste it into the document, and at the end there will be link to the google docs page in case you want to have it to change it up for you.  You can click the picture and it will also take you to the document.

Back to School Night
Mrs. Summa

Welcome to Fourth Grade!  I hope to answer some of your questions regarding your child’s 4th grade educational experience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me to help clarify. 

Work Habits and Academics

Your child will have several assignments during the school day for which he or she is responsible. If your child for any reason is unable to complete an in class assignment, this will automatically become homework to be completed at home and returned to school the following day. Work not returned will result in a zero.  Project due dates will be posted. Students are expected to adhere to these due dates as well.  Please talk to your child about the importance of completing assignments.


Students will be assigned homework on a NIGHTLY basis (instead of weekly packets).  Please check your child’s agenda every night to make sure all assignments are completed.  Please initial the agenda.  4th grade students should have 1 hour of homework a night.  If your child is having difficulty completing their assignments in that time frame, please write me a note in their agenda.  At the bottom of the agenda there is space provided for written communication that may need to occur. Students will be expected to read at least 20 minutes every night (which will be accompanied by a Reading Log) and practice their math facts for at least 5 minutes.


Starting in 4th grade students receive letter grades on the report card in addition to our standards based rubric (1-4). Grades are based on percentages, which are derived from their test assessments, class work, and class participation. 

A = 90 - 100%
B = 80 - 89%
C = 70 – 79%
D = 60 – 69%
F = 59 % and below

Behavior Management and Rules

In order to provide our students with the excellent educational climate they deserve, the following Discipline Plan will be in effect at all times.

In our class we have 3 main rules:

Treat yourself with respect
Treat others with respect
Treat our school with respect

How we demonstrate our classroom rules:

1.  Show self-control
2.    Control talking
3.   Use good manners and have a positive attitude
4.   Show respect for others
5.   Listen and follow directions
6.   Do your personal best. 
7.   Help others and be a good friend
8.   Show Character Pillars

If a student chooses to not follow classroom procedures then they will be given a verbal warning.  After the initial verbal warning, if students continue to misbehave they will move their cards on the behavior chart.

What our colors mean:
Green:  Excellent Behavior
Yellow: Visual Warning (Verbal Warning already given)
Orange: Lose Recess
Red: Chill Out form/Parent Contact
Blue: Referral/Parent Contact

Rewards for positive behavior:  tickets, prize box, recognition, etc.
All students are responsible for maintaining procedures and will be held accountable.  On Friday’s the student’s Behavior Chart will be sent home in their VIP folder.  Please look over, sign, and return to school the following Monday. 

VIP folder (Very Important Papers)

The VIP folder will be sent home on Fridays and will contain important classroom information.  Please look through the folder and return the following Monday.  Included in the folder will be your student’s weekly updated Behavior Chart, weekly assessment information, and any classroom/school communication (newsletters, book orders, projects, etc.).

Parent Volunteers

We would love to use your help in the classroom.  Please fill out the BTSN parent questionnaire and I will contact you.  We need in class help: working with students, completing prep work, as well as home help.  If you need to fill out a volunteer clearance form for the district, please let me know and I will send home the form. 

Snacks, Lunches, and Water

Please make sure that your child is bringing a nutritious snack and lunch to school.  If your child is buying lunch, please remind them to take their money to the office before school begins.  Our classroom portable does have a water cooler, though some students may feel more comfortable bringing their own water bottle to class. 

I have read the Back to School Information and discussed the necessary content with my child.

Parents/Guardian Signature _____________________________

Child’s Name_______________________ Date _________________

Suggested 4th Grade School Supply List
Please have supplies to school by Friday 8/17
* 1 ( 1 1/2 in. binder) no larger please
* 1 centimeter/inch ruler – labeled with student’s name
* 2 Composition books (not spirals) – do not label
* 2 Spiral Notebook
* 3 PLASTIC folders (with the 3 hole holders inside) – do not  label
* 1 small dry erase board – label with student’s name (must fit inside desk)
* 2 packs of 4x6 index cards – do not open please
* 2 packs of wide ruled binder paper – do not open please
* Pencil box or zippered pencil pouch - big enough to fit the following: (must fit inside desk)
* 2 glue sticks
* 1 pair of scissors – labeled with student’s name
* 4 colored ballpoint pens (not markers, not red)
* 1 highlighter of each color (yellow, green, and pink)
* 2 big erasers
* 2 dozen sharpened pencils – no mechanical pencils allowed
* 1 pencil sharpener to be kept at desk (not battery operated, must have shavings catcher – label with student’s name)
* 1 set of colored markers
* 3+ dry erase markers

Classroom Wish List:
Box of Kleenex
Baby wipes
1 bag of candy for Treasure Box 
(individually wrapped pieces, NO GUM)
Paper plates/bowls (for art projects)
Box of bathroom cups (for water cooler)
Ziploc bags – any size
Ream of copy paper (either colored or white)
$10 copy donation
I hope this was helpful to someone out there in blog land.  Here is the document if you need it.  

I've also added a page to the right that is all the different Google Docs that I have shared lately with my Back to School paperwork.  I'm trying to keep it organized for myself, but also in case you are looking for something specific.  Hope you have a great day!


  1. I nominated you for an award. Please see my blog for info.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog! I also was scouring the internet so I didn't have to re-invent the wheel when I switched to 5th grade! Thank you so much for sharing your back to school packet, it's amazing!


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